These words only begin to capture my delightfully deviant nature. I am everything you needed but didn't even know you were looking for.

What brought you here?

Lust? Curiosity? A desire to satisfy a deviant predilection?

All that doesn't matter now.

The only thing that matters is that you have now found your purpose. Step into my world and relieve yourself from the burden of being.

"My Goddess is the greatest part of me she is everything I need in my Dom. I love when she punish me more than when she rewards me. I love spending time with my Goddess worshiping and serving her. If you are looking for a Dom she's the perfect one to serve."

SUB D , 6/16/23


Playfully sadistic in nature, I enjoy straddling the line between pleasure and pain. An artist in all senses of the word, each scene is carefully crafted to disarm you. Though petite and slender, my presence makes you tremble. Multifaceted, my ability to vacillate between various seemingly contrary states renders you vulnerable. My voice, husky and commanding, lulls you into a state of suspended bliss. The palpable fear in the air excites me. After all, there is nothing I find sexier than a man that knows his lot in the world. Dominance is a trait that comes so naturally to me, you have no choice but to surrender.

A firm believer in Female Superiority, Femdom Fae isn't merely a contrived machination intent on deceiving the wayward traveler.

She is your deliverance; here to act as a shepherd to those who have deviated from their truth path and place...at a woman's feet.

My fascination with Femdom and total power exchanges comes from my love of science, history and in depth research into the complexities of human emotion. Ravenous, my curiosity knows no bounds, and I draw from this knowledge and my experiences to create scenes that manipulate and heighten the senses.

As you can imagine, to be in rapture as you lie under my spell is an honor and privilege not given to many.

Should I find that our interests, communication styles, and intentions align, you may gain entry into my world.

Ritual and ceremony are key proponents of my sessions.

As you become a devotee, these customs will be second nature to you.

I am a Goddess after all.

Show me what it looks like for you to worship me like it's your last day on earth.


Years of Experience


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Shoe Size


Years Old


A few of my Favorite things:


-Needle Play


-Forced/Ruined Orgasms

-Sense Play



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